Custom Websites

We develop multi-page website for “SEO” search engine placement and ranking. Our clean and functional designs have an easy to follow code structure with comment blocks. Our services include HTML5; PHP; Java Script; Ajax; Java components; registrations; an ISP and email account setup including anti-spam management software. All you need for your website.

Website Design

Current coding is based on the latest hypertext markup language HTML5 that provides your website structure. Cascading style sheets (CSS) modifies the format and look of your site. The JavaScript makes all the code work.

Website Design

Update your website so it formats to all the new devices. Or if your just wanting a new look we can help with the design. We update your code to the latest JavaScript. Our code is clean and we use optimized page designs.

Website Graphics

We create animated website graphics customized for your application. We help build on your ideas to provide you with great looking logos and graphics that are the best effective way to enhance your look of your website.

Additional Services
Contact Form Mail

Contact Forms are used in your website to eliminate spam and stop people acquiring your personal e-mail. The PHP Form Mail to sends the email call to your ISP server securely and the Google Captcha V3 combats robots.

MySQL Database

If you require a database for a more robust application like login’s or contact management software then use the MySQL database. It’s the world’s most popular and trusted open source database solution with support.

Web Site Hosting (ISP)

We can provide a cost effective ISP (Internet Services Provider) to host your website. This includes all your email accounts, state of the art spam prevention software, and website or email technical support anytime 24/7.