About Us

CADNET Media provides CAD drafting and technical drawings, graphics and illustrations to engineers, architects and mining since 2003. We also provide design and construction services to builders, developers and the general public. We deliver quality work with precision accuracy on all our projects. Contact us for more information or an estimate for your next project.

Construction Drafting Gallery
Design/Drafting Services
Civil Design & Drafting

Hydro infrastructure and power projects, substations and construction sites; grading plans; material take-offs; road alignments, profiles; corridors; berm’s; drainage; ditches; utilities; contention ponds; underground ingress & egress.

Structural Drafting

Concrete and Steel detailing; framing plans, beams, footings; concrete lifts; re-bar reinforcement and beam detailing; temporary platforms; form-work; false work; procedural rigging & lifting sequences; logging bridges.

Architectural Drafting

Design and building drawings; plans, elevations, sections and construction details; plot plans; site plans, GIS; 3D models and perspectives; renderings, general contractor consultation; material take-offs and costing estimates.

More Services...
Mineral Resources

Geology, geochemistry, mineral maps & misc. plans; sections, drill logs; percentiles; utm grid registration; 10 year cycle graphics: pit models, leach & rock dump; underground reserves; geology overlays, location maps.

Geotechnical Drafting

Geo-technical site plans, elevations, sections and details; bank slope stabilization drawings and details; pile layouts, shoring, hoarding details, MSE lok-block walls; test hole locations and survey data and mapping.

Renovation & Demolition

City & municipal permits, license and rezoning applications / liaison services; renovation plans, site plans; water; services; trees; existing / proposed plans; elevations, sections and details; perspectives & renderings.